Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Remembering Memorial Day

PBS gives a great summary of the meaning and tradition behind Memorial Day: http://www.pbs.org/memorialdayconcert/meaning/

I found it very interesting that it was previously called "Decoration Day." This does, however, make sense; when we honor someone for what he/she has done, we "decorate" them with praises or rewards for a job-well-done. When someone passes away, we honor them with flowers and mementos of personal significance. 

Our country has been through so much; so many soldiers lost in wars and battles. I can't help but believe that every person knows someone who gave their life for the safety of others in war or battle. However, how quickly many of us move on or forget the real meaning behind National Holidays such as Memorial Day. 

No matter what we go through within our country, there are so many who gave everything to protect it and its people -- us. I feel like many of us are apathetic about National Holidays such as this; we get the day off and enjoy a long weekend with family and friends. Although there is nothing wrong with enjoying that time with family and friends, I think we need to be more patriotic and passionate about the country that we live in. 

So, now post-Memorial Day, what can we do to be more passionate and patriotic about our country, soldiers fighting for us now, soldiers now retired, and soldiers lost in war? How can we continue to honor, decorate, and remember what they do, did, and have done for us for so many years? Maybe a good start is remembering why we celebrate Memorial Day. 

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